hey y’all . . .

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I'm MaryBess. Shown here with my super supportive husband, Spike (yep, that’s what everyone calls him and nope, it’s not his ‘real’ name!) and my two girls, Devin and Miller.

If you're following me on Instagram, the older one is the book worm and the cute little blonde is the tornado trying to turn my hair prematurely gray. Thankfully, I have a fantastic stylist that keeps my hair from showing the effects of her shenanigans! 

The kids' nicknames are Sprouter and Mills. Hence the name, Sprouter Mills Photography.  I tossed around the idea of MaryBess Thompson Photography, but I figured it’d turn into Marybeth or Meredith, or as my uncle used to call me, MayBell, and no one would ever get it right. It’s a problem for us double-named southern girls. So, I decided to think of something else close to my heart.

I'm primarily a natural light photographer specializing in high school and college senior portrait sessions. I also enjoy family sessions. I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping with each aspect of the photography process from style and color coordination, choosing the perfect location, to choosing the perfect art pieces for your home to showcase your beautiful portraits.

My goal is to help you show off your images, not keep them hidden in your computer waiting for it to crash.  Recording others’ memories and milestones is a joy. I hope to share this joy with you during a relaxing and fun experience, before, during and after your session, tailored to your personality. 


Fun Facts: 

My husband and I both graduated from University of Florida. We met at the Lavender Mullet (when I stole his beer) which was the back of the iconic Purple Porpoise. Go Gators!

We eloped in the Virgin Islands and honeymooned in Costa Rica. 

I graduated with a degree in Health Science Education, which I used until my first daughter was born. I have been blessed to be able to stay home (or run around crazy) with both my girls. 

My favorite US city is New Orleans. I love the diversity: the southern and cajun cultures mixed; the food, the sunrises over the river while sipping Cafe du Monde coffee and eating beignets. Alone!

We love to travel. My favorite destination so far has been Iceland. It's amazing!

I’m sorted as a Ravenclaw.

I grew up in a small town (on 40 acres with chickens and cows!) and live in an even smaller one! Because we love trying new restaurants (our rule is no chain restaurants on trips) and consider ourselves 'foodies', we're lucky to live in between two great cities, Tampa and Orlando.

I cannot live without strong coffee, good cheese and red wine.  

As family we love hanging with friends, celebrating Jesus with our church family, traveling, watching our girls play soccer, traveling to watch more soccer, college football, and traveling to watch college football. Go Gators! 

I'm so thrilled you've found your way to my site and am honored that you are considering Sprouter Mills Photography to capture your special moments. I look forward to talking with you!